UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE: Could taking a few daily drops of this divine liquid, slow and even reverse aging? Users of this “breakthrough elixir” report a restoration of the health, vitality, and virility they had in their 20’s…

“How to Turn Back Your Biological Clock to Feel As Good As an Olympic Athlete and Look Better Than a Hollywood Celebrity Who Spent Millions On Plastic Surgery”

From a breakthrough discovery in his laboratory, our Chief Scientist has identified the very ‘Essence of Life’ buried deep within the tissue of every living cell. His resulting innovation astonishes… one that has been sought throughout all of human history. It is perhaps the most important wellness discovery ever…

Dear Friend,

Are you being held back in your life because pain or sickness has taken a toll on you?

Would you like to be spared the mental, emotional and physical pain associated with aging?

Would you like to look and feel younger without the use of artificial means like makeup…?

…or invasive methods like surgery…?

…or being dependent on expensive, toxic, dangerous pharmaceuticals?

Then listen close.

You’re about to learn about something western society has been ignoring.  A completely natural way to rejuvenate your body, activate the youth and life replenishing mechanism deep within your cells.

As you read this special message, you’ll discover why this isn’t a magic pill, a temporary fix, or re-packaged vitamins that have been tried before… You’ll also find out why “Big Pharma” companies would never want this information to go public…

…You’re about to be let in on innovation so revolutionary, Hollywood movie stars would have GLADLY  paid tens of thousands of dollars for it instead of going under the knife or devastating their body with dangerous medications.

And you better believe what you're about to hear is controversial, and if this is something that Big Pharma prefers you never found out. In fact, they are very likely mounting a war to keep the research you’re about to discover locked behind closed doors…

Here's why...

You see, from a biological standpoint, once you pass the prime age for sexual reproduction, nature doesn’t see any reason for you to stick around. Your body starts to show signs of wear and tear and you become more susceptible to disease.

So in a way, we are all suffering from a fatal condition. It's called aging and it attacks all of us.

Just consider This:


of people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes are 40 or older.


of all diagnosed cancer is found in people over the age of 45.

After Age 55

your risk of suffering a stroke more than doubles every ten years.

Fighting the Aging Process With Prescription Drugs, Diet, Exercise and Vitamins Is Like Trying to Dig Out of An Avalanche With a Teaspoon!

You can take all the vitamins and yoga classes you want, but it doesn’t change one indisputable fact: once you turn 30, your body begins a process of slow, subtle decline.

And those things you notice in the mirror — gray hairs, wrinkles, dry skin — are just the tip of the iceberg. It's what happens on the cellular level — everything you don’t see — that should concern you the most.

Think Back to High School Biology

The cells in your body are constantly dividing through a process called mitosis. During this process, the DNA within a cell is copied to form two identical “daughter cells.” So far, so good.

The trouble starts with your telomeres.

Imagine the DNA in each of your cells is a shoelace. Telomeres are like the plastic caps at each end of the shoelace.

Telomeres protect a cell’s DNA each time it divides, the same way shoelace caps keep your shoelaces from fraying. But each time a cell divides, and its DNA is copied, those telomeres get a little shorter.

If that cell continued to reproduce, its DNA could get jumbled in the process and turn into something nasty like a tumor. So, it stops dividing. Cells normally can divide only about 50 to 70 times, with telomeres getting progressively shorter until the cells become senescent.

You probably have never heard that term but…


Senescent Cells Are Like That “Bad Apple” Kid The One Your Parents Always Told You to Steer Clear Of

Just like “bad apple” kids, senescent cells exert a powerful, negative influence on all the “normal” cells surrounding them. They’re tied to a whole bunch of age-related diseases like arthritis, cataracts, and clogged arteries.

And here’s the kicker. The older you get: the more senescent cells start to pile up in your body.

Recently, scientists did an experiment where they eliminated senescent cells from the bodies of aging mice. What they discovered was unbelievable: it was like the mice had gone back in time. Their fur grew back thicker.

Their energy levels went through the roof. Kidney damage was reversed.

Now let’s talk about a type of cell you probably HAVE heard about…stem cells.

Stem cells have the power to rejuvenate your body like nothing else in nature. Their potential is practically limitless.

Using stem cells, scientists have regenerated blood vessels and heart muscle in mice. In humans, doctors have started implanting stem cells in heart attack victims to heal damaged heart tissue.  Stem cells are changing the face of modern medicine.

But what are they exactly?

Stem cells repair and replenish your body. They’re the source of all the other cell types.

And they’re everywhere: in your bloodstream, in your brain, in your bone marrow, in all your organs, in your muscles and your body fat, even in your skin.

But your body is running a “skeleton crew” of stem cells — the bare minimum needed to keep everything working smoothly. And as you age, two things happen:

  • 1

    The number of active stem cells in your body decreases. With every passing year, it takes you longer to regenerate cells.

  • 2

    The stem cells you’re left with don’t work as hard as they used to, like an old, disgruntled employee punching the clock and counting down the days until retirement.

This Is Why It Takes Older Adults So Much Longer to Bounce Back From Illness and Injury Compared to Someone in Their 20s!

The good news is you have access to a virtually infinite reserve of stem cells — in every part of your body.


These stem cell reserves are inactive, or quiescent. They’re asleep, like napping firefighters waiting for a call from emergency dispatch.

They only spring to action in times of crisis — like if you break your leg. And even then, only the stem cells in your broken bone are called into work. The rest stay put.

But what if you could somehow activate all of those sleeping stem cells in your body at once?

Then the stem cells could initiate, promote, and guide the body’s healing response in every type of tissue by triggering the restoration and the reprogramming of your body’s own stem cells, which — when awakened and directed — work to make you healthy and more vital.

In 2009, Jack Szostak, a molecular biologist at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston shared a Nobel Prize for his part in discovering the role of telomeres, the end bits of chromosomes that help ensure genetic information is copied faithfully.

Since then he has been working to recreate the origin of life in the lab. But, while he and his team are renowned for their activities, they haven't accomplished their goal yet.

The probable reason they have failed is that they are looking for the ‘Essence of Life’ but are in effect, ignoring any approach that involves “divine” concepts.

This is an approach that would challenge... even defy the typical methods of research used by thousands of medical professionals for decades.


Yet there was another man of science who was working on a similar project. His name is our Chief Scientist and he is not among the mainstream group of academics who limits himself to typical methods of research. The harmony between scripture and science provided inspiration and guiding light for his discovery, and means through which he carried out his scientific pursuits.

He is a scientist on a path for a specific purpose… to bring wellness back to our sick and dying world by examining what is not even considered by most researchers.

Life begins for each cell through cell division, where one cell becomes two living cells.

In each cell, the ‘Essence of Life’ is much like a tiny yet powerful battery. our Chief Scientist’s belief was that life is spiritual in nature and was created by an Omnipotent Creator. His research is grounded in this belief, and he believes he is a man chosen by the Creator for a specific purpose… to bring wellness back to our sick and dying world.

His approach was to assume that if there was actually a Creator who made life, that he would also leave clues that could reveal the method to restore vital life to every cell in His creations. If this method existed, our Chief Scientist believed it could reverse not only the effects of aging and sickness, but also the un-seeable toll that toxins, stress, and prescription medications have taken on the human body.

unnamed (1)

Our Chief Scientist isn’t alone…
Discover the secrets many ancient civilizations held and why they were never seen in western societies…

Now as outrageous as this may sound, there are beliefs by other civilizations that go back ages and they support our Chief Scientist’s hypothesis.

Throughout history, many ancient civilizations, different cultures, and religions dating back thousands of years have records of the “Essence of Life.” These pre-date modern medicine as we know it today…

Boai Pavilion at Sunset in The Imperial Tomb Of Ming Dynasty in

Chinese dynasties used the word “Qi” to describe the life-force moving through us, and created many herbal medicines, kung-fu styles, and diets to restore this life-force in our body, which has led to healing many ailments and increasing longevity.

Detail of an old Ganesh sculpture.

Ancient Hinduism called this life force “Prana” and believed this energy to permeate life on all levels including our bodies…

Ki'i Carving at Pu`uhonua O Honaunau on the Big Island, Hawaii

In the Hawaiian culture this same energy is believed to be supernatural, and they use the word “Mana” to describe the life-force in our bodies…

Prayer bell at Changla India

In Tibetan Buddhism, the “life-Force” is called “rLung”, and is responsible for the movements of mind, speech, and the body…

Star of David - Jewish symbol on an old Hebrew grave in Milan, Italy.

The Jewish culture defines “Life-Force” energy as Ruah…or the spirit…the breath of life.

Native American design

And the Native Americans believe this energy which they call “Manitou” to be omnipresent in all things and manifests everywhere. Not just in organisms, but in environments and events…

Now this life-force is the very force controlling your breathing without you thinking about it, making blood travel through your body as you read this.


Even though this “Life-Force” does almost everything we need to live and thrive, many people are still unaware this life-giving force is pulsing through our bodies. AND instead of using this to our advantage, in western societies, we have resorted to medication filled with chemicals, that are leaving our bodies taxed and worn out over time…

This simple neglect of the life-force within our bodies has led to massive profits for big pharma companies.

Luckily the damage done isn’t always permanent. There is a way to replenish and start to reverse the damage caused by taking medications. A “Life-Force” can be put to work on your body almost instantly.

However, the process of harvesting unlimited living ‘Essence of Life’ particles is difficult, complicated, and proprietary.

A few years back, our Chief Scientist created a nutritional product so powerful it was able to develop AGE REVERSAL & EXTREME LONGEVITY.  He called his creation ACTIVEITEM®, a capsule that contains 100% pure lyophilized stem cells extract. The stem cells in ACTIVEITEM® initiate, promote, and guide the body’s healing response in every type of tissue.

They do this by restoring and reprogramming your body ’s stem cells, which — when awakened and directed — work to make you healthy and more vital.

Now, what was truly incredible about ACTIVEITEM® was that it has only one ingredient. Just lyophilized stem cells inside a plant-based, non-gelatin capsule. And of course, there were no artificial colors. No preservatives. No fillers.

Truthfully, the only challenge to ACTIVEITEM® is how costly it is to produce! The investment required to use the miraculous creation prevented many, many deserving people from accessing it.

Our Chief Scientist realized that every human should at least have a chance to acquire the benefit from cellular wellness; the ‘Essence of Life’ was able to provide.

So, he set off on a mission and labored night and day to create a more affordable product that delivered quick results...something that everyone could benefit from.

A few drops have more power than any vitamin in existence…


Imagine Botox, Hollywood plastic surgery, the formula to longevity, and a younger you all in one bottle.

That is DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops: a transformational super-youth and body replenishing formula which may forever eliminate your need for any other supplements.

DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops Are Not Anything Like What You Might Call A Supplement...They Are A Whole-Body Solution For Optimum Wellness

You may be wondering what Divine Wellness drops are made from, and without getting all scientific on you, the easiest way to explain is by showing you a fascinating verse from Hebrew Tanakh. It is also the source of what is known today by Christians as the old testament. In this ancient writing, there is a verse that talks about the creation of humankind.

Here is the passage:

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being (Genesis 2:7).”

The Breath of Life, or quintessence, was the fifth element, that GOD used in the creation of Adam.

The other four were mere dust: air, fire, water, and earth.

Throughout history, we see many examples of wise men using only four elements in an attempt to create a Non-Animated man or golem, (A golem is a clay creature that has been magically brought to life).

But, Anime or life is an energy that can be created only by a divine source, i.e., GOD.

Simply put, everything is comprised of four elements — Air, fire, water, and earth. Now there is a fifth element used to create living beings by the force of creation (which is “God” in religious terms) in our universe.

And now, our Chief Scientist has uncovered the method to restore vital life to every cell in your body by harvesting this element of creation.

Man cannot create life-force. However, man can find a life-force and preserve it, this exactly what our Chief Scientist did by finding the stored deposits of this energy of life (GOD’s Particle).

Moving on…

Now I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how we've theorized a way to slow down the aging process by a factor of 10 and the secret to age reversal. But first (as shocking as it sounds) I want to tell you why you’ll never need vitamins again.


DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops deliver where other products can’t. They aren’t a temporary stimulant like caffeine, that gives you a short-lived boost but then wears off leaving you wanting for more. No way!

DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops may flush out toxins, optimize your bodily functions, and restore your vitality. You won’t need any additional additives to feel your best. You will have more energy, stamina and you will think more clearly.

But the main effect of the drops is how they work in the body fighting the effects of aging.

As DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops enter your system, they provide a means for old and damaged tissue to exit the body, so fresh and healthy tissue can replace it.


And this new tissue grants your body the ability to hyper-absorb vitamins and minerals from food at a stronger absorption rate. If this occurs, it can quadruple your nourishing mechanism where you’ll likely no longer need supplemental vitamins.

Your body may become a powerful nutrient vacuum, able to absorb every last morsel of nutrients from foods-even those with low nutritional value eliminating the need for vitamins.

It is simple to use these Divine Drops. Our Chief Scientist created DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops, with the average person in mind. There are no complex schedules to follow, no interactions with other foods or medications to worry you.

They are now available in a convenient-to-use bottle with a pump – shake the bottle well, press the pump three times (equal to six drops), delivering product under the tongue. Keep it there for 60 seconds and swallow. Do this three times a day to restore cellular wellness.

DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops give you the key to reverse aging

DIVINE WELLNESS™ drops stimulate your cells, waking up your body’s rejuvenation powerhouse.

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are -- you can benefit from DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops. It doesn’t just stop aging dead in its tracks. It reverses it.

Your body has virtually unlimited potential for regeneration, but most of that potential go to waste. The majority of your stem cells are hibernating.

DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops works like an alarm clock for your sleeping cells. Stem cells have an incredibly powerful influence on all the cells that surround them. In the medical world, this is a phenomenon known as the Paracrine Effect — the growth factors secreted by stem cells trigger the body’s natural repair mechanisms.

Experience Benefits Beyond Your Expectations

DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops are for individuals who want to exceed their maximum possible performance in every area of life. * If you are someone who accepts no limits on what you can experience, and what you can accomplish, these are just some of the benefits you can anticipate from DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops:

Extraordinary Energy Levels*

Elevated Endurance

Increased Physical Prowess*

Boundless Sexual Vitality*

Rapid Recovery from Workouts*

Superior Cognitive Function*

Healthy & Youthful Metabolism*

An Overall Joy of Life*

DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops could potentially replace every other supplement you are currently taking. It allows nature to take full command of your body’s systems, without further external help. *

Exercise and healthy living are incredibly important — but they can’t protect you from your body’s slow breakdown. Just look at all the fitness freaks out there with “bum” knees, back pain, or high cholesterol!

Your body’s gone through decades of wear and tear, and conventional attempts at slowing down aging are little more than damage control.

But with DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops, you have a product that is designed to jump-start your cells. Your body goes to work, pumping out young new cells and repairing every tissue in your body.

Imagine playing a full 18 holes of golf without your back killing you tomorrow.

Imagine going out for a jog without having to worry about your knees going stiff.

Yes, healthy living is essential, but it doesn't reverse the aging process like DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops.

Like an Instant Miracle in a Bottle…People Report the Changes Experienced with DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops Can Be Felt Immediately.

You might think it takes time to restore a person’s 1.5 trillion cells to vital youthful health, and it is a process. You don't age overnight. But, you can feel the evidence of your vitality and enthusiasm for life BEGIN to return after the very first set of drops!

This product is unique. If it were made of stem cells alone, it would be an extraordinary elixir. The underlying effect of the stem cells make you look and feel younger, but DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops contain additional components that work synergistically to exert an immediate change as soon as you ingest them.

The other miraculous components in these divine drops are:

Colloidal Calcium, Potassium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Silicon, Copper, Iodine, Boron, Chromium, Manganese, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Vanadium in Distilled Water. Coenzyme Q₁₀, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Amla, GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), Organic Acerola, Pure Quercetin Dihydrate, High Performance Organic MCT Oil (No Lauric Acid), Organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Dry Leaf Extract, Passion Flower Extract, L-Glutamine, Organic Acai Berry Extract, Organic Yellow Peruvian Maca Extract, Organic Baobab Fruit Extract, Organic Goji Berry Extract, Organic Moringa Leaf Extract, Organic Lucuma Fruit Extract, Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Extract, Organic Maqui Berry Extract, Organic Spirulina Extract.

The different propensities of each of the ingredients, create a new and unexpected harmonizing force. The quintessence of stem cells to attend to every imbalance in the body, which makes the DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops a one supplement solution!

Our Sacha Inchi Oil formula, also 100% organically grown, pure, potent, and effective. Sacha Inchi is a perennial vine that is indigenous to the Peruvian Amazon Forest. It has more than 20x the Omega 3 content of wild pink salmon and is one of the highest plant sources of essential fatty acids on Earth. It is the ultimate Superfood for a Supercharged lifestyle. This amazing seed is packed with complete protein and healthy Omega 3 oils, making it the perfect fuel of Modern-Day Champions.

Our formula crafted from the highest quality Amazon Jungle Sacha Inchi Seeds and we suspend it in full-spectrum, cold-pressed raw virgin oil products. It is Kosher, Halal, and eco-friendly. A portion of the revenue will be donated to the Peruvian Incas cooperatives creating more farms for Sacha Inchi plants. Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Kosher.

No Other Man, Woman or Company on Earth Can Produce This Elixir or Assemble These Ingredients In The Exact Right Formula

The proprietary combination of these ingredients gives you access to the Essence of Life. The second the drops touch the mucosal under your tongue, they go to work, and while it’s nothing like taking a drug, you will feel it right away. Your internal life force will acknowledge the power of the product, and your senses and cells will react. It may be similar to when you have a gut feeling, intuition, or a spiritual awareness!

It will occur every time you take the drops, and the effect of the stem cells is to make you younger and younger. Every day, incremental changes happen, and in only two months of taking the drops, you’ll notice other positive changes in how you look, feel, and think.

You’ll be able to regain and maintain your optimum health with your DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops seeing and feeling the effects in every part of your life.

Whenever you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you’ll marvel at how wrinkles and sun damage etched onto your face have all but disappeared.

Don’t be surprised if people start coming up to you asking for skincare advice. They won’t understand how you maintain that bright, healthy glow despite the years.

Hair that went gray years ago will grow back with color. Your energy levels will shoot through the roof. You’ll have trouble remembering what it felt like to have sore knees or stiff joints.

You’ll get more done in a day than most people manage to do in an entire week! Instead of getting up in the morning with a sore back and heavy feet, you’ll spring out of bed like a jack-in-the-box, ready to take on the world.

The best part is, all those improvements never stop. As long as you keep taking DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops, your body will continue to reverse all the damage previously caused by the aging process.

There’s No Need to Accept the Damage Caused By Aging! DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops are the Anti-Supplement Solution™+

Who wants to swallow handfuls of pills every day? It’s not pleasant, and the more supplements you take, the more you risk a deadly cocktail and a trip to the hospital.

The compartmental approach to treating one health problem at a time, which dominated the healthcare industry for almost 100 hundred years, has been proven to be wrong.

It created more problems than solutions.

The problems couldn’t be solved with the same knowledge used to create them.

The solution had to come from an outsider with asymmetrical thinking. When our Chief Scientist entered the picture, he made the wellness discovery of all time, a leap forward in our understanding of who we are, where we came from, and our inseparable connection to our Creator.

DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops is your all-in-one Whole-Body solution for Optimum Wellness.
Because it’s a holistic assistant to your body, DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops is potentially all you need.

Simplify your everyday life — and transform it!

Join the Community

DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops users are exceptional — highly driven individuals, dreaming of the unimaginable, looking beyond the horizon, striving to achieve the impossible, and seeking an extraordinary quality of life, as part of this elite group, you’ll enjoy the company of like-minded people.

If you had the choice – would it be



Or This?


Well Now You DO Have a Choice!
With Divine Wellness™ The Choice Is Yours!

You see, right now you may be experiencing a life of:

Physical pain.

Low self-esteem because of aging.

A fear of one day not being able to get out of bed in the morning.

Or some form of immobility because of aging.

And it’s not the best place to be.

After using DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops, most people experience boundless enthusiasm and joy because the ugly sack of problems that aging and deadly medication cocktails bring to the table starts to reverse…

They’re no longer a victim to aging.

They’re happier, younger-looking, and their body replenished because of the effect the drops have on each cell in their body.

The choice is entirely yours, and it is up to you to make the smartest one for yourself. Our Chief Scientist has now given you the power and an option away from the typical handful of pills you have to force-feed yourself. But this is one more step towards your well-being — you in control.


Of course, you don’t have to wait until you suffer from health problems to start taking DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops. The earlier you start, the better.

By harnessing your body’s regenerative power before things start breaking down, you’re doing yourself a massive favor and sparing yourself from all the symptoms of old age you were told are inevitable.

Keeping the damage of aging at bay can protect your pocketbook. Just look at the financial implications that you could avoid by adding DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops to your lifestyle before it’s too late.

  • A knee replacement will cost you $31,124 on average.
  • Should you ever require some form of heart surgery, you’ll typically pay over $62,000 — not counting doctor’s fees.
  • Medication for chronic diseases like arthritis can cost you upwards of $30,000 a year.
  • Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are sky high and NOT covered by insurance. In America, we spend just under 2.5 billion dollars per year on Botox alone!

When you add up the long-term costs of aging, DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops is a no-brainer. You can’t put a price tag on your health — and in the long run, DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops actually saves you from having to shell out thousands in medical expenses over a lifetime.

After all, you've been given one life to live. You deserve to have your body in the best possible condition to enable you to work hard, play hard and live abundantly. And there's no better, easier way to do that than with DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops - the indispensable life enhancement product that helps you live as if aging was only a figment of your imagination.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Right about now, you probably have a few questions on your mind about DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops.

Questions like:

Q: How long will it take for me to notice a change in the way I look and feel when I start using these DIVINE WELLNESS™ drops?

A: Approximately 9 out of 10 people who use DIVINE WELLNESS™ drops have reported feeling an instant effect! However, while the drops do immediately begin working on your cells to restore and revitalize your body, it can take a few days, weeks, or up to two months for some to notice tangible differences. The important thing to know is that as long as you are taking the drops as instructed, they are working to restore the 1.5 trillion cells (which make up the human body) to vital health. In fact, the expectation is to see evidence of your own vitality and enthusiasm for life BEGINNING to return within a few days, but no more than 6 to 8 weeks of using this life-changing product.


Q: Are the ingredients in DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops safe?

A: You may already recognize some of the ingredients in a proprietary blend of DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops. The key to our efficacy is the QUALITY and RATIO of ingredients. Everything is sourced from the very best locations globally and produced with the highest standards of purity in our U.S.-based location. Some people have a sensitivity to gold, to determine if you are allergic to colloidal gold simply put a small drop on the soft tissue of your arm inside the elbow and give it 10 minutes. If you begin to itch or develop a rash, please return the drops for a full refund.

Q: How do I use DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops?

A: The Drops come in a 1oz Glass Bottle with a Child Resistant Pump.

Recommended daily amount: 18 Drops
100% Natural, Kosher, Halal.

Directions: As a Dietary Supplement, for optimum results, shake the bottle well, press pump three times (equal to six drops), delivering product under the tongue, keep it there for 60 seconds and swallow. Do this three times a day.

Storage: Keep tightly closed in the dark, dry places at the room temperature.

Warning: Keep this product out of the reach of children.

Q: These DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops sound too good to be true. Do you offer any kind of GUARANTEE with this product?

A: Yes. Your satisfaction 100% guaranteed. But it’s not just any run-of-the-mill GUARANTEE that we offer.  Because DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops work so well, We Offer A Full 90 Days “DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!**” on this product. (Something we could not afford to do… unless the drops actually perform as advertised.)

This GUARANTEE is very straightforward.  If at any time within 90 days of using this product you find that you are not “tickled pink”, head over heels in love with what we’ve sent you, simply comply with the return policy/ instructions that arrive with each shipment… and within 7-10 business days, you will receive a Cashier’s Check from our home office (via certified mail) for double the amount you paid us for your shipment/shipments.  It’s that simple.

** Double your money-back guarantee requires that you make a visit to your primary care physician for a physical PRIOR to starting on the Divine Wellness Drops, as well as a documented written account of how and when you used the drops. Official, dated proof of your DR. visit and product usage must be provided to ensure you quality for the double money-back guarantee. If you cannot provide this proof, you can still request the return of your purchase price, less any shipping and handling costs.

Now it’s important that you know what we cannot guarantee is how quickly you will notice results, or that you will notice them at all. While it is highly unlikely NOT to notice immediate effects, depending on your age and the amount of damage you’ve had to your body, it can still take time to restore those 1.5 trillion cells to vital health. Still, most people see evidence of their vitality and enthusiasm for life, BEGINNING to return in only two months.


DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops are so powerful, everyone is calling them “The instant miracle.”

Just follow the recommendations and take 6 drops 3 times a day and watch what happens as soon as the very next day. You’ll wake up refreshed, ready for your day, able to do things you haven’t felt like doing for months, even years.

It will be like you went to bed and traveled back in time, to exchange your current body with your younger self and bring it back with you.

And listen to this:

The instant effect is phenomenal, but the incremental, ongoing, age reversing effect, which takes time, this is the real gift to you and to humanity!

Every day, day-by-day, you’ll become a little younger.

More vigor, more energy, more happiness, more ability to be active and the real joy of regaining your life.


Inspired by Divine Revelation, our Chief Scientist has created DIVINE WELLNESS™ Drops, a nutritional supplement so powerful it is able to create the OPTIMUM WELLNESS.


Make Sure You are Prepared for the Fall and Winter Seasons!

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